Mediation Lawyers in the Cayman Islands

At Stenning & Associates, we promote the view that legal action should be the last resort in resolving disputes;

Mediation is an alternative.

It allows the parties to the dispute, assisted by a trained mediator, to seek an outcome for themselves. The obvious advantages are speed, economy, certainty, and informality, but also additional positive outcomes may be achieved:

  • You may be able to explore issues that go beyond those a court could consider.
  • You may be able to devise solutions which include elements a court could not or would not apply.
  • You may be able to rescue valued relationships for the future.

At the very least, you may be able to reach a solution that you can live with even if it is not your ideal solution.

Litigation and subsequent court proceedings is a highly structured system where the judge will hear the evidence, apply the law, and reach a decision based on the application of strict legal principles; sometimes to the detriment of all parties. A court will only answer the specific questions posed in the litigation and it is frequently an expensive, time consuming, stressful and uncertain process.

Please download our Guide to Mediation.

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