About Us

Stenning & Associates is an innovative boutique law firm which provides a range of legal services to the local community, international commerce and public bodies.

About Stenning & Associates

To ensure access to a variety of specialist legal Counsel , as well as to manage an increasing workload, the firm continues to work with a number of Barrister’s Chambers in the UK. This contributes to the firm maintaining its reputation for excellent service levels and standards. Our association with these Chambers allows Stenning & Associates to have access to in excess of 60 Barristers of wide ranging specialist skills and over 500 mediators/arbitrators, which include retired members of the U.K. Judiciary, Queen’s Counsel and other leading practitioners. With such resources at our disposal, we can tailor our standard service agreements to ensure that work is undertaken efficiently and to reflect the individual requirements of the client.

In combination with our subsidiary, the Cayman Mediation Centre, we can offer a variety of independent specialist panel members to assist clients in the resolution of legal issues through mediation and/or arbitration – so negating the need to seek a court determination.